DEx(x) Debian Mksocfpga Images

There are pre-built (debian Stretch) sd-card images to get started with Machinekit on the SocFPGA based DE0_Nano_SoC, DE10_Nano and the DE1_SoC boards from Terasic

All boards can run fine on both types of sd-card images, however if you want to use a display the desktop image is setup to work out of the box with a hdmi 1920x1080 display (DE10_Nano only). As long as you follow all the DEx(x) Initial Setup Steps.

hostname: mksocfpga-nano-soc
user: machinekit
password: machinekit

  • Instructions on writing a microSD card can be found here by doing a Google search. There are plenty examples and tutorials around also for writing the image to the eMMC.

  • On linux you can also use the bmap tool:
    Download image + bmap file and then insert sd-card and seek out the sd-card device name with:


be sure to pick the right dexice name (here it is /dev/sdx ) Copy to SD card:

sudo bmaptool copy socfpga_stretch_machinekit_4.9.76-ltsi-rt-DExx_desktop_sd_2019-05-11.img.tar.bz2 /dev/sdx