OLD and NEW Debian package repositories

Currently, the situation in Machinekit it such that there are two channels from which one can install Machinekit binaries. The newer version is using the Cloudsmith service with repositories Machinekit (with dependency packages common to all other repositories), Machinekit-HAL (with packages from the Machinekit-HAL project) and EMCApplication (with packages from the EMCApplication project. You will need to have usually two or all three set up on you local machine to install Machinekit-HAL or EMCApplication.

To set up, you should follow instruction from Cloudsmith landing page of respective repository under Set-Me-Up icon (here for example for Machinekit-HAL):

sudo apt install curl
curl -1sLf \
  '' \
  | sudo -E bash

Or if the automatic script is causing problems, use manual procedure:

sudo apt-get install -y debian-keyring
sudo apt-get install -y debian-archive-keyring
sudo apt-get install -y apt-transport-https
curl -1sLf '' | sudo apt-key add -
curl -1sLf '$(lsb_release -is | tr "[:upper:]" "[:lower:]")\&codename=$(lsb_release -cs) | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list.d/machinekit-machinekit-hal.list'
apt-get update

This setup will allow you to install the currently maintained and developed Machinekit-HAL and EMCApplication packages.

For EMCApplication:

sudo apt install emcapplication

For Machinekit-HAL (optionaly Machinekit-HAL-dev package):

sudo apt install machinekit-hal
sudo apt install machinekit-hal-dev

For Machinekit-HAL meta-package which will install the rt_preempt real-time kernel:

sudo apt install machinekit-hal-rt-preempt

Everything else in pages below (Platforms) which uses the Debian repository address is related to the old distribution channel. This includes mainly the now deprecated Machinekit repository and older Machinekit-HAL and Machinekit-CNC packages. This channel will not get any updates in the future! However, this version is stable and tested one.

You can get current Preempt_RT patched kernel packages from official Debian repositories. (Ubuntu unfortunately at this point does not offer this service.)


Follow these steps to configure Apt and install a kernel and Machinekit packages:

1) The kernel-naming convention used in these packages may change as experience is accumulated, especially with ARM-based systems. Be sure to check back here before installing a new kernel.
2) Do NOT try to install more than one machinekit-{kernel-flavour} package on the same partition. The packages now contain some kernel-flavour set files which used to be in the machinekit-dev package and they conflict with each other. If you require to switch between different kernels on the same partition, build a development RIP build and run from that.

1. EOL distributions

When a debian distribution becomes EOL it is not recommended to use these packages. The Machinekit project will stop producing packages and support for that distribution.

If you for whatever reason need to use these packages, please follow this link to the unsupported packages page.

6. Debian Stretch on armhf (BBB | RPi2/3 | Other armhf)