Install runtime packages

For those wanting just Machinekit binaries, the following should install the main 'machinekit' package for your kernel choice (multiple kernels and flavors possible) Choose the same one as the kernel you use:

sudo apt-get install machinekit-rt-preempt
sudo apt-get install machinekit-xenomai
There are only Xenomai packages for Jessie not Stretch or Buster
sudo apt-get install machinekit-posix # non-RT (aka 'simulator mode')

This package will provide local copies of the manual pages and a man page stub to remind of how to use them.

sudo apt-get install machinekit-manual-pages

It is an optional install for users who wish to use a stand alone system or who have limited internet connectivity.

The same pages can be accessed here: For information on utilities and GUIs For information on the hal and rtapi APIs For information on components and drivers