arm355x eQEP encoder driver

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hal_arm335xQEP is a driver for the 3 hardware quadrature decoders built into the Beaglebone.


loadrt hal_arm335xQEP encoders=eQEP{0-2}[,eQEP{0-2}][,eQEP{0-2}]

In the following Pins and Parameters, <name> is one of eQEP0, eQEP1 or eQEP2 and referes to the names of the hardware instance specified on the loadrt line.


  • '(s32) <name>.counts' - Position in encoder counts.

  • '(bit) <name>.index-enable' - When true, counts and position are reset to zero on the next rising edge of the QEPI signal. At the same time, index-enable is reset to zero to indicate that the rising edge has occurred.

  • '(float) <name>.position' - Position in scaled units (see position-scale).

  • '(float) <name>.position-interpolated' - Position in scaled units, interpolated between encoder countsd.

  • '(float) <name>.position-scale' - Scale factor in counts per length unit. For example of position-scale is 500, then 1000 counts of the encoder will be reported as a position of 2.0 units.

  • '(s32) <name>.rawcounts' - The raw counts from the hardware register, unaffected by reset or index events.

  • '(bit) <name>.reset' - When true, counts and position are reset to zero.

  • '(float) <name>.velocity' - Velocity in scaled units per second, When the magnitude of the true velocity is below the min-speed-estimate, the velocity output is 0.


  • '(float) <name>.min-speed-estimate' - Determine the minimum true velocity magnitude at which velocity will be estimated as non zero and position-interpolated will be interpolated. The units of min-speed-estimate are the same as the units of velocity. Setting this parameter too low will cause it to take a lomg time for velocity to go to 0 after the encoder pulses have stopped arriving.

  • '(bit) <name>.counter-mode' - When true QEPA input will provide the clock for the position counter and the QEPB input will have the direction information, defaults to false (quadrature count mode).

  • '(bit) <name>.x2-mode' - When true count rising and falling edges in counter mode, defaults to false;

  • '(bit) <name>.invert-A' - invert polarity of QEPA input.

  • '(bit) <name>.invert-B' - invert polarity of QEPB input.

  • '(bit) <name>.invert-Z' - invert polarity of QEPI input.


  • '(funct) eqep.update' - Reads all hardware counters and updates calculated values, for all decoders.