Updating your fork

When the original repo changed, and you want to make modifications it is wise to first update your fork with the changes from upstream. That way you will make changes on top of other contributions. That way it will be easier to automatically merge your update.

here’s how to do that.

Notice the message

This branch is 30 commits behind machinekit:master?

That’s because changes have been done to the Machinekit website after I forked it, or after my last PR. In other words machinekit:master is more recent and I do not have the latest modifications.

notice fork behind master

Pushing the green compare for pull-request button

will give me following screen. Notice the original (purple) and forked (green) branch and the "switching the base" link:

switch base
switched base with PR

Create the PR by pushing the green button.

This means you are going to do a PR to your own fork and get the changes from the original. Enter a descriptive commit message.

merge message fork update

Scroll down and create the PR.

Then next thing you’ll know you are at your own fork, having a PR to confirm.

merge PR message

Scroll down and "merge" this PR in your fork.

merged PR and updated fork

Congratulations, you just updated your fork!

merge and update fork