highlighting sourcecode

The website formatter supports halcmd scripts and RS274NGC G-code syntax on top of the other languages supported by Pygments.

Halcmd scripts

# first load all the RT modules that will be needed
# kinematics
loadrt trivkins
# trajectory planner
loadrt tp
# motion controller, get name and thread periods from ini file
loadrt [EMCMOT]EMCMOT base_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]BASE_PERIOD servo_period_nsec=[EMCMOT]SERVO_PERIOD num_joints=[TRAJ]AXES kins=trivkins tp=tp
# load 6 differentiators (for velocity and accel signals
loadrt ddt names=ddt_x,ddt_xv,ddt_y,ddt_yv,ddt_z,ddt_zv
# load additional blocks
loadrt hypot names=vel_xy,vel_xyz

# add motion controller functions to servo thread
addf motion-command-handler servo-thread
addf motion-controller servo-thread
# link the differentiator functions into the code
addf ddt_x servo-thread
addf ddt_xv servo-thread

RS274NGC G-code

n099	(This is a test plot nc program to be run on backplot)
n100	(Author Ray Henry 10-Feb-2000)
n101	g20
n102	g0 x0 y0 z0 f30
n103	x1 y1(start xy circle)
n104	g17 g02 i.5 j.5
n106	g0 z.1 (add xy lettering)
n107	y1.75
n108	z0
n109	g1 y1.25 x1.4


Languages from here and below come stock with pygmentize.

def foo(bar):
    pass    # a comment

Ini files

# Hardware Abstraction Layer section

# list of hal config files to run through halcmd
# files are executed in the order in which they appear
HALFILE = core_sim.hal
HALFILE = sim_spindle_encoder.hal
HALFILE = axis_manualtoolchange.hal
HALFILE = simulated_home.hal

Protobuf descriptors

import "nanopb.proto";

// see README.msgid
// msgid base: 100

import "types.proto";
import "emcclass.proto";
import "motcmds.proto";

package pb;

message Emc_Traj_Set_G5x {

    option (nanopb_msgopt).msgid = 100; // see README.msgid

    required EmcPose         origin = 10;
    required OriginIndex   g5x_index = 20;

Improving highlighting

The current hightlighters for halcmd and rs274 are less than perfect. To improve upon them or add new languages:

The default hightlighing style is pastie using pygments as highlighting engine. Supported styles can be listed by running pygmentize -L styles.