CAN developing


Starting with socketcan

The first things to do when starting to develop for CAN for HAL is to get comfortable with the CAN interface. SocketCAN is native to Linux, and we can use SocketCAN when developing so there is no need for hardware or devices.

Here are good overview of the SocketCAN Linux subsystem, and a more detailed article. Note that much development work can be done without real hardware - just using a virtual can interface.

  1. Install a Virtual Machine. The one used in these examples is Debian Jessie, but it could as well be. You can use VirtualBox, or other VM’s. Choice is up to you. For these examples Parallels 9, on a Macbook Pro was used for the Debian Jessie VM.

  2. set up the environment so you can use socketcan then return here.

  3. more to come